How does your frameless glass fencing cost

by ALBANG on January 3, 2011

Glass fencing using frameless glass spigots is a contemporary offering, and is commonly used for pool and spa fencing. A frameless glass fence does much more than just keeps people in or out of a property, it provides an signal to your house and its style also a way to create a striking first impression for people waking by, they will think “How shinning it is!”, “What a delicate art taste the house owner have!” Meanwhile in the backyard with a spa or pool, glass fencing is the important protection and security for kids and your pets. Frameless glass fencing combines aesthetically pleasing.

The cost for frameless glass fencing is affected by the fencing materials you choose. Fencing work price is calculated per meter instead of per hour, including cost of materials (glass panel, glass fencing spigots, tools, etc) and labor (core drilling, glass drilling, glass spigots installation, etc).

Fencing costs also depend on size, generally available in 3 standard heights:1.2m,1.6mand1.8m. When comparing fence sizes, a1.6mfence is the cheapest option. The longer your glass fence, the cheaper it’d be, and vice versa. If you require a short run under10mthe per meter rate of fence will be higher. The premium meter rate is about $50 nationally. The total price depends on the fencing material selected. On average a glass fence with frameless glass ss316lspigots costs $6000, but a premium job is surprisingly cheaper at $5400. When you consider that you may share the cost with your neighborhoods, it is even more economic.

Third, glass fencing cost is different by state; it pays to be a Queenslander when it comes to the hourly cost of fencing: at $45 per hour those from theSunshineStatepay less than those inNew South Wales. Rates forQueenslandandVictoriaare in line with national figures: $50 per hour.

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